One year older and actually wiser.

Happy birthday to me! 26! What a year this has been and I never thought it would come fast enough. Out of all my birthdays this was the one I’ve been most excited about. Why would I be excited to turn 26 right? The 25th year of life was one of the hardest yet surprisingly most enjoyable. I have grown so much mentally and emotionally that as I’m looking back I almost don’t recognize my 25-year-old self. This past year so many wonderful things have happened to me. I found love, a love I never thought was possible. I made amazing new friends that I don’t know how I survived these 25 years without. Got a new fur baby and traveled my butt off. I also learned this year that the people who really love you will show up. The people who are meant to be in your life with make sure they are present physically and emotionally. My biggest change this past year was making the decision to move from Dallas to St. louis, but man it was worth it! This was my year of growth, my year to finally take all the hard lessons I’ve learned and actually apply them. Getting older is never fun but growing up is. If you told me last year that I would be where I am now I would laugh in your face, but baby I made it. I never thought anything good would ever happen to me. I wasn’t always a good person and I couldn’t help but carry the burden that karma would always find its way back to me. In many cases it did, I got karma back x10 plenty of times. There were times I had been hit so hard by the karma train I never thought a comeback would be possible. Then I stopped caring, I focused on myself and my dreams. Now I’m here, I started a blog I have dreamt about for years. Sharing my joys and pains in the public eye. Hoping to inspire.
Here is to 26, to changing my world while helping others, to unapologetically being me and hoping you enjoy it.


Ballin on a Budget

Who wants all the cloths in the world but doesn’t have all the money to make that happen? Well that’s me and shopping on a budget is a must. I have spent majority of my time in life searching for places that benefit my closet and my bank account. I live for the deal, finding closet gold for a pretty yet small penny. As I’m doing these segments on my favorite stores I wanted to mention my favorite one of all time first!

ZARA! I’ve been shopping here for years, before it ever even came to the U.S online! Once they got one in the Galleria in Dallas (which is my favorite one) my life was made. Why do I love Zara so much? Well not only is it always on top of the new fashion trends it’s amazing quality and insanely affordable and they always have SALES! My favorite thing to buy from Zara is jeans! Yes jeans. They fit so well and last forever, not to mention these jeans I am wearing pictured above were only $35.00 and I’ve had them for 2 years now! I know you want to kiss me now for telling you my jean secret. If you haven’t shopped here do it, I know it looks intimidating at first but your wallet and your future wardrobe will thank you! Happy shopping Y’all!


Photos by: @chvrmcreations

Outfit Details:
Zara Blazer: $45.99
Zara Jeans: $30-$80 (depends on style) Pictured $35.89
Zara Body Suit: $19.90
Black and Cream Booties: Ego Official $50
Quay Sunglasses: $60

Self Pity is Overrated.

Growing up I always had the tendency to constantly put my problems on other people. Not necessarily bringing people down because of them but I attempted to take the pressure off myself by blaming others for them. I didn’t turn my homework in and got a 0? Not my fault. I lied about something so stupid and everyone calls me a liar from now on? Not my fault. I am slut because I’m too flirty? Not my fault. The list goes on and on. For so long I lived my life trying to be guilt free of my own problems all while digging myself in deeper holes I soon realized would be near impossible to climb out of. Negativity is impossible to hide from. I don’t care how positive you are, how much you do yoga and how one with the earth you are, that shit is everywhere. So, what’s the key from getting away from it? Most books, pod cast, and any kind of self-help theory will say “DO A LIFE CLEANSE.” A life cleanse?! What is that? I can barely do a juice cleanse without caving in on day one around lunch time after my first juice. The idea of doing a life cleanse is magical, you get to get rid of people you don’t really like, go from a size 8 to a size 2, make more money, and all around be happier in a month! Well, that’s what most of them say. I believed in this once and I still do in some respects but let’s be realistic. Life cleanses take time, a lot of time and for me I didn’t want to spend all my time trying to make myself a better person, I just wanted to BE a better person! After much research, and probably 100 hippie books one thing really started to set in for me. Why am I going to all these people (books) to help me make such an important life decision? Why can’t I be a grown woman and just make the decision to be responsible for my own actions and be happy!? It’s not like its rocket science. Then that annoying habit I have kicks in, my parents are the reason I’m not happy. All my Ex-boyfriends that were mean to me and lied. My friends that used me and did horrible things behind my back, once again the list goes on. Then one day I woke up. I mentally came to a realization as to what if I made those people do things to me because of the way I behaved. The way I chose to live my life affected them in a negative way to where they felt like that’s the only way they could treat me? In some cases, I know I am being hard on myself, but the reality is that was the day I chose to take responsibility. The more something or someone threatens your identity,the more you will avoid it. The more you will push and shove the idea that you might have actually brought this upon yourself. That was the day I decided that everything that happens to me is because I choose it to be that way by the energy I was exerting into the world. That would be the way the world slaps back, and let me tell you, ever since then my life has changed. I decided to apologize, even if it were things I didn’t do wrong. I started to forgive. When negativity knocked at my door I would roll with it, I wouldn’t push against it. I did all this because I wanted to live a guilt free life, I officially felt the poor Gaby feeling no more. It isn’t easy but it is worth it. The main thing I want you to take away from this is that it’s time to take control of your life. Because once you do it’s so much more manageable. The things that have been weighing you down suddenly will lift and you will float to the happiness island you always dreamed about living on. I still have haters, I mean who doesn’t? But at least I know those haters hate willingly and not because I’m giving them reasons. Have I given them reasons, 100% but I also have owned up to them and that guilt and blame is lifted. Do I still hate? Of course I do, but I’m done thriving on hating in the past. It consumes you, don’t let it do that anymore. Embrace the negative, let it shape you not destroy you.


I’ll be your Blue Jean Baby.

When it comes to shopping I get serious. I do my research, I read reviews and I won’t buy something until I know it’s exactly what I want (my new year resolution at least). You could say I have a shopping addiction which is a good and bad thing all wrapped in one. Mainly a good thing for you guys because I will let you in on all my secret buys and steals. I don’t do paid ads so before I jump into this I want you to know everything on my blog is and will remain organic.
Blue Jean Baby has become my all time favorite vintage store. Yea, thrifting is great. I love the feeling of the hunt to find something timeless, but not everyone has that time. Do you feel me? My great friend Taylor Rogers has been my fashion icon for a very long time, she has a wild and tasteful way to combine things you would never imagine going together into an amazing masterpiece. Her sister Lola is also an incredibly talented fashionista brining a little west coast twist to this southern comfort twang. These girls are absolutely remarkable. Knowing them as long as I have and seeing a dream I have always knew was in the works come to life touches me in my soul. Opening a store isn’t easy, better yet a boutique even in the Dallas area. The passion from these ladies speak volumes the moment you walk into their store. I have watched from the sidelines on their journey to create something magical for their customers, and let me tell you magical is an understatement. You will find pieces here that you’ve been hunting for your entire lifetime, and I’m not just saying this because I know them, I’m saying this because it is true. Not only are the pieces timeless, but they are affordable, flattering and just down right effortless. I am so proud to call these girls my friends. Both being new mommy’s to two handsome boys, their dedication to their dream is inspiring. Support your friends, your community and your style that we all know might be lacking a bit lately. Shop Blue Jean Baby.


Blue Jean Baby is located at The Star in Frisco Texas. Items also available online at WWW.SHOPBLUEJEANBABY.COM



Welcome to The Show!

Why did I start this blog? This is the question I’ve been asking myself through this entire process. Why am I so special that I think people would even care about what I am doing or better yet what I am writing about? At the end of the day I keep coming up with the same answer. I want to be able to vocalize who I really am, in all my faults and glory. All my life I have put myself in endless positions and opened up countless opportunities for people to judge me. Some I deserve and take full responsibility for, others I don’t feel like I deserved at all but that’s life right? Rolling with the punches? Letting those opinions and experiences that follow them shape you? Only if it was that easy, right? I’ve learned many of these lessons the hard way constantly wondering if I was just surviving in this constant circle of self-inflicted judgment and hate. Now I am finally at a point in my life where I am looking back and emotions of being thankful rush through me. Thankful that those situations, people and experiences happened. This is my opportunity to not only prove my worth but to also say THANK YOU. I wanted to have a platform to show people they aren’t alone and as much as I wish my life was perfect, it isn’t. My life is far from perfect. I’ve recently learned perfect is boring and that perfect also isn’t real. Perfect is not attainable, so why do we try so hard? Why do we wrap our world around pleasing people who have no intention of ever pleasing us in return? I’ve been fake, I think we all have at one point or another. The worst part about being fake was not being able to show my true self. That’s what brings me here, this is me, in raw form. I hope you enjoy being apart of my journey and learning through my stories, experiences and advice. The one thing I want most for people to take away from this is, I am only human, as we all are at the end of the day. I love and live hard, making great decisions and also many horrible ones all while trying to stay humble and positive along with striving to inspire, so I will end with one of my favorite quotes-

“You can’t be an important and life changing presence for some people without also being a joke and embarrassment to others. You Just can’t. Because there’s no such thing as a lack of adversity. It doesn’t exist. The old saying goes that no matter where you go, there you are. Well, the same is true for adversity and failure. No matter where you go, there’s a five-hundred-pound load of shit waiting for you. And that’s perfectly fine. The point isn’t to get away from the shit. The point is to find the shit you enjoy dealing with.”
– Mark Manson (The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK)

Love Y’all