I’ll be your Blue Jean Baby.

When it comes to shopping I get serious. I do my research, I read reviews and I won’t buy something until I know it’s exactly what I want (my new year resolution at least). You could say I have a shopping addiction which is a good and bad thing all wrapped in one. Mainly a good thing for you guys because I will let you in on all my secret buys and steals. I don’t do paid ads so before I jump into this I want you to know everything on my blog is and will remain organic.
Blue Jean Baby has become my all time favorite vintage store. Yea, thrifting is great. I love the feeling of the hunt to find something timeless, but not everyone has that time. Do you feel me? My great friend Taylor Rogers has been my fashion icon for a very long time, she has a wild and tasteful way to combine things you would never imagine going together into an amazing masterpiece. Her sister Lola is also an incredibly talented fashionista brining a little west coast twist to this southern comfort twang. These girls are absolutely remarkable. Knowing them as long as I have and seeing a dream I have always knew was in the works come to life touches me in my soul. Opening a store isn’t easy, better yet a boutique even in the Dallas area. The passion from these ladies speak volumes the moment you walk into their store. I have watched from the sidelines on their journey to create something magical for their customers, and let me tell you magical is an understatement. You will find pieces here that you’ve been hunting for your entire lifetime, and I’m not just saying this because I know them, I’m saying this because it is true. Not only are the pieces timeless, but they are affordable, flattering and just down right effortless. I am so proud to call these girls my friends. Both being new mommy’s to two handsome boys, their dedication to their dream is inspiring. Support your friends, your community and your style that we all know might be lacking a bit lately. Shop Blue Jean Baby.


Blue Jean Baby is located at The Star in Frisco Texas. Items also available online at WWW.SHOPBLUEJEANBABY.COM



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