One year older and actually wiser.

Happy birthday to me! 26! What a year this has been and I never thought it would come fast enough. Out of all my birthdays this was the one I’ve been most excited about. Why would I be excited to turn 26 right? The 25th year of life was one of the hardest yet surprisingly most enjoyable. I have grown so much mentally and emotionally that as I’m looking back I almost don’t recognize my 25-year-old self. This past year so many wonderful things have happened to me. I found love, a love I never thought was possible. I made amazing new friends that I don’t know how I survived these 25 years without. Got a new fur baby and traveled my butt off. I also learned this year that the people who really love you will show up. The people who are meant to be in your life with make sure they are present physically and emotionally. My biggest change this past year was making the decision to move from Dallas to St. louis, but man it was worth it! This was my year of growth, my year to finally take all the hard lessons I’ve learned and actually apply them. Getting older is never fun but growing up is. If you told me last year that I would be where I am now I would laugh in your face, but baby I made it. I never thought anything good would ever happen to me. I wasn’t always a good person and I couldn’t help but carry the burden that karma would always find its way back to me. In many cases it did, I got karma back x10 plenty of times. There were times I had been hit so hard by the karma train I never thought a comeback would be possible. Then I stopped caring, I focused on myself and my dreams. Now I’m here, I started a blog I have dreamt about for years. Sharing my joys and pains in the public eye. Hoping to inspire.
Here is to 26, to changing my world while helping others, to unapologetically being me and hoping you enjoy it.


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